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Classmates are encouraged to take advantage of University housing during Reunion. The increased opportunities to relive the undergraduate experience, renew old friendships, and begin new relationships add another level of richness to the reunion experience. If you want to ensure housing on campus, you must register by May 15.

Housing is a benefit of attending your Reunion. University housing is available only to participants in reunion programming. If you decide not to take advantage of University housing, you may choose the "no housing" option when you register. Please bear in mind that Harvard’s rooms, although quaint and historic, have relatively modest conveniences. For example, in some cases, bathrooms may be shared. On the other hand, any disadvantages are outweighed by the benefits of the central location and opportunities for socializing with classmates. 

A hospitality room will be provided for commuters who want to rest, freshen up, or change clothes. Inquire at headquarters. 

Room Requests
Please indicate any housing requests on your registration form. While every effort will be made to accommodate your preference, please understand that specific requests cannot be guaranteed.

Sharing a Suite
Typically, a housing unit consists of a suite—two rooms, each with two single beds, sharing a bathroom in the middle. Depending on demand, many couples may be accommodated in single suites; i.e., the other bedroom will be left vacant so you don't have to share the bathroom. Also, please note that classmates attending solo and requesting University housing will be sharing an accommodation with another classmate. If there is a classmate or couple with whom you would like to be paired, please include that preference on your registration form and HAA staff will do their best to arrange it. It is challenging to house different families together because of limited space, varying suite and room sizes, and factors involved in housing younger children.

Optional Hotel Information
For a listing of area hotels, consult your class website. As your Reunion will take place over the same weekend as Harvard's Commencement, as well as many other Harvard Reunions, area hotels will fill up quickly, so be sure to make your reservations as soon as possible if you elect not to stay with classmates in University housing.

Arrival and Parking
If you plan to drive to Reunion, please go directly to your class's parking structure. You will not be able to park or unload luggage at headquarters. Unload your bags with the student bellhops before entering the garage, park and lock your car, and take the shuttle to headquarters. If you arrive and no shuttle is present, the 24-hour parking attendant will call headquarters to send a van to assist you. Parking for commuters will be available at your class's parking structure for the duration of Reunion; shuttle and van service will be available when headquarters is open. 

Parking structure:
10 Everett Street 
If you come to Cambridge by taxi, please go directly to headquarters. 

Student bellhops will be available at headquarters to assist you and carry your luggage to your assigned room.

To view an interactive map of campus locations, please visit


Registration and Financial Assistance

The deadline to register for University housing is May 15. Pre-registration for reunion programming is strongly encouraged. 

See the bottom of the page to review pricing options. All package offerings include events, meals, reunion favors, parking, transportation, printed guides, and the assistance of bellhops and other student staff.

If you plan to attend only part of Reunion, you may register for particular segments of programming separately, although there is a discount in registering for the full package.

Please note that there is no package pricing for children aged 18 months to 5 years; please register them per half-day. This program is only available to the first 50 children to register. Please see the Children's Program  for further details.

Tickets and Name Badges
All tickets necessary for individual events will be issued to you upon check-in at headquarters. For events that are not individually ticketed, your name badge will serve as your ticket. Please wear your name badge throughout Reunion.

Tickets are required for both the Morning Exercises and the Afternoon Program of Commencement and will be available at headquarters on Wednesday and Thursday (May 27 and 28) only. Due to space limitations, only reunion alumni will be issued tickets to the Morning Exercises in Tercentenary Theatre. All persons, bags, and personal items are subject to inspection before entering Harvard Yard. No backpacks of any type will be admitted. No bag or item larger than 12" x 12" x 12" will be permitted inside the Yard. Guests may view the Morning Exercises from the Science Center. Guests are welcome to join alumni for the Afternoon Program. Only reunion alumni are eligible for Commencement tickets picked up at headquarters during Reunion. Guests who are alumni of another class year may request tickets for the Afternoon Program at before arrival on campus.

All 25th Reunion registrations are non-refundable.

Financial Assistance
Your reunion committee is dedicated to making Reunion financially feasible for all classmates. The registration form contains both full reunion and individual event pricing options. Although the University generously subsidizes the cost of Reunion, the HAA recognizes that for some classmates the cost of attending Reunion may be a hardship. In those situations, financial aid is available and is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for financial assistance should be sent by email to your reunion coordinator. All requests will be considered and will remain confidential. Unfortunately, assistance is not available for transportation costs to Cambridge.


Packing and Attire

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